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Radiant scents born under the sign of a star: Sirius

The “S” stands for the perfumer’s initial. As for Ishira, it is the Arabic name of the brightest star in the nighttime sky: Sirius. 

Placing her new house under the sign of this star was a highly symbolic gesture for Shaikha Al Misnad, a passionate student of history and spirituality: “It is because I want to create fragrances that seduce across borders and cultures that I chose a star that appears in countless traditions throughout the ages.”

Indeed, Sirius is featured in many major myths and rituals all around the world. In China, it was called the Heavenly Wolf. The Dogon culture in Africa had such astronomical knowledge about it that it mystifies scientists to this day. In ancient Egypt, its reappearance just before sunrise, once a year in late July, marked the start of the life-giving Nile flood. 

As for the ancient Greeks, they believed that its reappearance during the hottest month of the year was the moment when precious incense and myrrh were harvested in Arabia… In this tradition, aromatic materials are placed under the sign of Al Ishira, called “The Mighty Star” in the Qur’an.

A star that guided caravans carrying scents and spices through the desert.  

A star that made a perfume lover’s dream come true…

Blending the best of Arabian tradition and modern perfumery

A passion for the art of fragrance. The know-how to craft luxurious materials. A constant quest for perfectly balanced accords. Blending the best of Arabian tradition and the spirit of contemporary Qatar, with its stunning architectural realizations and thriving cultural life… These are the values that drive S. Ishira.
Founded in 2014 by Shaikha Al Misnad, a young entrepreneur who composes her fragrances in her own state-of-the-art studio in Doha, S. Ishira is the first international haute perfumery brand from Qatar.with the acclaimed PHI collection as the first of many projects, the exciting new Qatari house is poised for a global launch as one of the most promising exclusive brands on the market.


More than a brand, S. Ishira reflects the dreams, ambitions and passion of one woman :
its founder and perfumer, Shaikha Al Misnad.


Our luxurious blends combine the best of Arab tradition and of modern perfumery.

Quietly Powerful

Our perfumes combine a strong signature with elegant understatement: to us, less is truly more.

Perfectly balanced

We seek the most harmonious accords, designed to promote a sense of well-being and wonder.

Expertly crafted

We curate every detail of our fragrances to provide a refined, aesthetic experience.